Why you learn it?

Your company middle managers need to increase their leadership skills and improve their job performance since their team members size will be increased soon while they have not had a proper leadership training but rather relying on innate abilities.

The following topics have been identified by the management team:

  • Strengthen the relationship among the teams as each team only focuses on their work and rarely spend time on building relationships.
  • Have the ability to look at the long-term benefits that the corporation brings to each individual rather than a short-term benefit.
  • Have the ability to interview team members and make sure they have a mindset and attitude that aligns with the company culture. This is for existing employees, and not new candidates.
What will you learn?

Key focus:

    • LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES 1 OF 2: Vision, mission and motivating
    • LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES 2 OF 2 Relationship building in the workplace
    • MENTORING AND TEAM DEVELOPMENT 1 OF 2: How to communicate and inspire for growth
    • MENTORING AND TEAM DEVELOPMENT 2 OF 2: Giving feedback and dealing with confrontations

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How will it help you?
  • Build a healthy leadership presence that allows you to influence others more naturally
  • Ensuring trust and empathy in your relationships with your team members and others in the organization
  • Share your vision in a simple, powerful and effective manner
  • Use tools for building lasting relationships with anyone in the organization
  • Connect existing SMART goals with the learning goals
  • Apply mentoring tools to consistently grow staff competencies
  • Effectively handling different conflict situations and personality types
  • Being confrontational and giving tough feedback professionally
  • Building your resilience by handling uncomfortable situations
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