The reason I chose EIY is that I was impressed on the passion of Ms. Lan Anh, the founder of EIY Public Speaking. She’s very inthusiastic in helping the learners to sharpen their public speaking skils day by day. She has a special skill which is observing and giving comments on the things that need to be improved. Apart from that, her background as a 10-year experienced expert in public speaking and a speaker at TEDx event is another reason that made me decide to learn at EIY. 

Mrs. Na Le
Mrs. Na Le

I found myself getting really nervous (like literally shaking) when it came to speaking in front of my colleagues. And my boss also told me that I needed to work on my public speaking. So I actively went looking for a place that taught public speaking, and EIY was the first result that came up when I did an online search. I had a look at your facebook fanpage. Everything seemed professional and credible enough. That was how I signed up.

Ms. Linh Nguyen
Ms. Linh Nguyen , Nhân viên tại BGT

I didnt choose EIY but EIY chose me. When EIY sent me an email to recruit learners, I registered immediately. Then, I had a chance to talk to the founder of EIY, Ms. Lan Anh. She is the one who inspired me and helped me know mỏe about public speaking. I really appreciate her talent as a Public Speaker. That’s why I decided to become a member of EIY. I hope that my public speaking skills will be improved thanks to her guidance.

Mrs. Denise Luu
Mrs. Denise Luu, Yoga Living

I am now able to see the good points and make a more thorough evaluation of each speaker. I somewhat could point out what each speaker lack and what they need to improve and also everytime I hear Ms.Lan Anh helps others to improve their weak points. I reflect it to my own self and see what to improve in my speech. All in all, Ms.Lan Anh is very có tâm, hihi

Ms. Vi Nguyen
Ms. Vi Nguyen, International university student

The public speaking course at EIY brought me a chance to step out my comfort zone when I presented in front of 80 people in the first time.

Ms. Hanh Nguyen
Ms. Hanh Nguyen , Marketing Manager tại VNG Group

Having an opportunity to use EIY service is a great pleasure to me. EIY instructors are both energetic and committed, training content is well-designed, which together can assure ROI for companies using EIY service. Keep up your good work and continuously improve.

Mr. Dang Hoang Trung
Mr. Dang Hoang Trung , HR Director tại USG Boral

   There are 2 main reasons that I chose EIY Public Speaking at the first place but not other training centers:
Firstly, EIY is associated with Toastmasters, which I know is an internationally popular platform of public speaking.
Secondly, your credentials as our instructor since you have achieved awards and prizes in public speaking contests organized by Toastmasters International.

Mr. Thien Huynh
Mr. Thien Huynh , CEO tại Studytogo

I like home challenge we have been submitting as when learner recording their Public Speaking performance then submit to their instructors and receive critical feedback, it is an effective way to learn. You have a chance to look back at what you have done well and what you can improve to upgrade your skills to a higher level.

Ms. Lam Hoang Anh Thu
Ms. Lam Hoang Anh Thu , Project Manager tại Grandaster

This course is very challenging as I need to manage work and study at the same time. I feel thankful for having Lan Anh and Chris dedication to support learners achieve Public Speaking development.

Mr. Tran Vinh Khang
Mr. Tran Vinh Khang, Investment Manager tại Capital Land