To maximize leadership potential and integrate performance with culture so that organisations can TRANSFORM themselves for breakthrough and sustainable growth.


Develop: Strategic Communication,
Conflict resolution, Impactful
presentation, Inspiring & Motivating…

Achieve: Influence without Authority, Trust, Persuasion, Handling Resistance & Uncertainty,…

Build: Resilience, Adaptability, Manage Bias, Crisis Communication, Innovation,…

Develop: Collaboration, Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Decision-making, Problem-solving.


  • Create team alignment and engagement.
  • Set shared accountability and expectations.
  • Reframe their mindset -shifting from delivering through self, to delivering through others.
  • Be resilient.
  • Drive and lead your organizational strategy.
  • Effectively translate and communicate strategic priorities.


Leadership Strategies

Goal Setting and Performance Management

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Act with Compassion & Perspective-Taking

Utilize your competitive advantage

Persuasi Grow tog Inclusive Empower

Critical thinking

Decision-making model & best practice

Problem-solving strategy

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership


Training – 10%Instructors spend 10% of class time instructing techniques.
Practice – 70%Practicing is the key to master skills. Learners spend 70% of the class time practicing skills.
Evaluation – 20%Learners receive feedback from instructors, classmates, coach assistants to ensure continuous growth.
Learner’s Performances