Tailored specifically to your needs, this individualized learning experience ensures focused attention and guidance, fostering the development of your skills and a shared mindset.


Presentation Organization

  • Organize your presentation in clear way.
  • Engage your listeners to your presentation at the
    beginning of your presentation.
  • Conclude with an impactful message.

Using Rhetorical Devices & Selecting The Right Words

  • Select the right words and sentence structure to communicate your ideas
    clearly, accurately, and vividly.
  • Use rhetorical devices to enhance & emphasize ideas.
  • Eliminate jargon and unnecessary words.

Speak Without Preparation

  • Respond quickly to different impromptu situations such as networking, pitching, interviewing,…

Persuasion & Pitching

  • To persuade people to take action.
  • To pitch an idea clearly & confidently.

Storytelling & Inspiration

  • To tell stories and inspire the audience to take actions.

Critical Thinking

  • To understand the definition and elements of critical thinking in public speaking.
  • To recognize common fallacies and how to respond
  • To form critical ideas with supporting points in presentation


Training – 10%Instructors spend 10% of class time instructing techniques.
Practice – 70%Practicing is the key to master skills. Learners spend 70% of the class time practicing skills.
Evaluation – 20%Learners receive feedback from instructors, classmates, coach assistants to ensure continuous growth.



To enhance English public speaking & receive insightful & real-time feedback from qualified instructor


To have a customized training that tailored to learner’s specific needs and offer flexible scheduling


To increase communication skill and enhance quick response in learner’s ability


To organize the presentation and present confidently and impactfully

EIY training increases my authentic speaking skills to influence my team members, stakeholders and managers.
Ms. Phuong Huynh
Country Director at TRUE COMMERCE
Having an opportunity to use EIY service is a great pleasure to me. EIY instructors are both energetic and committed, training content is well-designed, which together can assure ROI for companies using EIY service. Keep up your good work and continuously improve.
Mr. Trung Dang
After this Public Speaking training, some learners suggested me to extend the course longer but our company prioritized the next learning slots for senior executives. Strongly recommend EIY Public Speaking training as our company has been received return on investment from their training.
Nguyen Hong Le
Head of HR at Gamuda Land
Actively participating in EIY’s Public Speaking & Communication training has empowered RMIT students’ confidence to speak up and share their ideas in class discussions, meetings, interviews, pitching and presenting.
Eric Asato MBA
RMIT Career Consultant